Thursday, October 15, 2009

Designboost i Malmö

Är i Malmö på Designboost, spännande och mycket inspirerande som alltid. Boost workshops igår med bondingmiddag, och pärlband av varierade och intressanta talare idag. Tar med mig fragment och mentala bilder härifrån. Berättar mera sedan. Har även tagit många foton, men jag har tydligen överskridit min bildkvot så jag måste hitta ett sätt att överföra mina gamla blogginlägg till en annan blogg, länka den hit, och så börja på ny kula. Bilderna är ju halva delen. Vi har också ett projekt här Serving the Future i samarbete med Designboost, och jag har skrivit en text i katalogen som jag flikar in här:

Serving the Future
At Designboost this year, the theme of food & future plays a central part. Food concerns us all. Svensk Form is glad to collaborate with Designboost, Electrolux and others in the visionary Serving the Future concept with the support of the Swedish EU presidency. We see this as a first step in a series of manifestations we plan to take around the world. For example to Brazil in 2011 in collaboration with local friends. To this end we have invited some special Brazilian guests to Designboost. Our countries share some major challenges, but also solutions of mutual interest.
You are what you eat. Food is central in our everyday consumption and also in our relationship to the planet we live on. Food is cultivated, refined, processed, packed, transported, stored, prepared, consumed then leaves with the sewage and can be renewed as energy. Far too much is wasted, at the same time as many people do not have daily food or water. Food has a tremendous impact on our environment and involves all these challenges. It runs from the global level, through our countries, cities, restaurants, kitchen and right down to our own plate. Throughout history, the meal has also been a symbol of the good life, of bringing people together.
Through initiating the Designboost , David Carlson and Peer Eriksson have created a true international meeting place for sharing design knowledge. A long needed arena, alongside the many product centered show-off events. All in tune with today, and the need to solve problems that really matter. The role of the designer has changed dramatically over the years. As described for example in Tim Brown’s, CEO of IDEO, new book “Change by Design”, dealing with the design thinking of today, shifting from technology-centered to human-centered design.
This in itself is no news to Swedish Design, built on a long tradition of user focused, innovative, affordable and socially engaged design. A practical approach to life. Moma recently published a book “Modern Swedish Design: Three Founding Texts”, one of them from 1899. Today the base remains, but the challenges are new. In addition to the functional, aesthetic and economical concerns, ethical and ecological aspects are added. We actually experience that Swedish Design, with its long tradition and humanistic perspective, is more in demand than ever.
However, the deeply rooted perception of excellent Swedish design with simple stylistic consistency is no longer taken for granted. The hallmark today is vital diversity. The conceptual process underlying the final result is the decisive factor. Designers are not tied down to one country, but work around the world, sharing international references and contacts.
As a natural link between manufacturer and consumer, designer can influence the production process. Combining different specialists, with design as one method, can help find new ways of sustainable urban lifestyle. Practical Swedish design is not exactly known for its sex appeal. We need to play some more. Add some spice, emotional and sensual values and open borders. That is why we started our platform Saving the Planet in Style. Not only with style, but in style. Sustainable solutions should be attractive, otherwise nobody wants them. Now, lets concentrate on something that brings us togheter: FOOD.

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